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Fanu Releases Oh So Random EP #2

Always avoiding standardised formats in his music, breakbeat scientist Fanu's newest EP title seems to fit him like a glove. Self released via Bandcamp on 30th June, the second EP in the “Oh So Random” series presents his signature kinetic, shifting rhythms and funky breakbeat engineering within a host of varied sonic environs. 


Taking the listener on a smooth meditative journey, “Lead Me” does as its title implies, with gentle pads and elevating vocals, alongside rolling hi hats and a half step sway, dotted by funky guitar licks, whilst “Apoca” leans towards a more eery atmosphere with reverberant string glides and deep, pulsing sub dives. Fellow Finnish producer DJ Pushups' half step growler “Misanthrope” is included, besides a Fanu remix with a heavily swung, crunchy break. To top it off, a stand out track on the EP, “Who Dat”


K-AZE aka Lemon D on the Launch of Boom! F’Real Bi-weekly Sunday Sessions


Sunday may seem an unusual choice of day to host a regular club event on, but speak to anyone who attended the seminal Metalheadz Sunday sessions at Blue Note and they are likely to disagree.

The Blue Note sessions have gone down in drum n bass history as taking a huge role in launching the genre from humble roots to a worldwide phenomenon, one that remains alive and well to this day, albeit morphed with the times. One of the big benefits of being on a Sunday, as cited by DJ’s who played and attended, was that the music played could be innovative, different to what one might have to play for less intimate rave ups on Friday and Saturday, which put the night at the forefront of the sound. It drew the most dedicated music fans, plus producers and DJ’s, to celebrate something exciting and new, becoming such a draw that eventually, unless you turned up early, you wouldn’t get in, also attracting a host of celebrity attendees including David Bowie, Bjork, Kate Moss, Carl Craig and more.


So when K-AZE aka Lemon D, one of the Blue Note family, announced that, alongside his new All Roads label, he is launching a bi-weekly Sunday session in Dalston, London, based around footwork, jungle, bass music and house, we wondered if he had the old sessions in mind. Here’s what he had to say about the new night, Boom! F’Real, and the Metalheadz sessions:

"Yes. It’s something new for people to come hang to on a Sunday so it’s kind of less pressure, more casual. The concept is for producers to come and spin classics to cutting edge beats in a decent intimate venue in London."

"Metalheadz at Blue Note for me was a pinnacle in the UK dance music scene. It was a place every weekend where you could go and hear individuality from the producers and their productions. Producers had a signature production sound


Lux Familiar Releases Debut EP of Summery Pacey Footwork on Polish Juke

In the age of fast and easy sharing of music across the internet, once an international match has been sparked for a genre, it’s not long before it’s influences are seen amongst producers work across the globe. Set up by Mateo Kaminski in 2012, Polish Juke is a self proclaimed collective that seeks to promote producers, DJ’s and dancers influenced by juke and footwork and from, you guessed it, Poland. Their back-catalogue introduces a host of new artists to the world, including their 18 track compilation “Ghost Traxx Volume 1" which was released in February. Now on their fifth release, we see the return of one of the artists from the compilation, Lux Familiar, with his debut EP titled “Visionary”.


The “Visionary” EP is a contrasting affair of slick and smooth melodies and soulful vocals overlaid by punchy and pacey stabs and arpeggios, breakbeats and bouncing footwork drum machine rhythms. This is perhaps best demonstrated in title track “Visionary”, a veritable layer cake of well intertwined synth lines punctured by an infectiously danceable beat combining half step with footwork fills.

Tracks such as “Sweet Fantasy” and “Take Me” fall on the more soulful end of the scale,


Fracture Returns to Exit Records with Sizzling Loving Touch EP

Making a return to Exit RecordsFracture's sizzlingly funky and unique rhythms, circling drum n bass, jungle and footwork, and dark but upbeat basslines combine in the brilliant “Loving Touch” EP, a stand out release for the festival season.


Title track “Loving Touch” overflows with energy, the hot vocals from Ralphi Rosario and Xavier Gold’s classic Chicago house track “You Used to Hold Me" ecstatically dancing over snappy breaks and bubbling 808’s, thrust straight at the listener upon a huge reece bassline. In "Werk it", drum hits crack and pop forcefully, stuttering between rolling and dotted rhythms intercepted by vocal chops, whilst "Overload" has that signature gritty, eery, and playful sound of tracks like "Get Busy"


Krampfhaft Releases Debut Album on Rwina Records

Joris Van Grunsven aka Krampfhaft has been making music for over ten years, five of those as a professional sound designer. After dabbling in motion design and directing film, he began to merge his love of music with moving image, culminating in his professional sound design business Studio Takt, which has seen Joris designing sound for high profile companies such as Nike, Samsung, Heineken, Canon, O’Neill and more. On the flip side of this, with one foot in the underground music scene, he has pushed boundaries with his alias Krampfhaft, combining a rich plethora of influences, that range from Kate Bush, Aphex Twin, footwork, metal and southern crunk, to produce electronic tracks that bend genre boundaries to breaking point. The hyperactive, techy, footwork infused “Spit Thunder" (the last track DJ Shadow played before he was asked to leave the decks for being allegedy "too future" during a set in Miami) and the electronic yelps of “I Needed You" are just two examples of the strength of his productions.


A mix and blend approach to genres plus a stunning portfolio of sound design can be clearly heard coming together in Krampfhaft’s debut album, “Before We Leave”, released today on Rwina Records. Every track on the album almost has its own persona, well considered and felt with great depth, taking hip hop/trap like beats, and shaping them to fit each mood, giving the rhythms a fresh versatility.

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