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Coleco’s 11 Totally Random Music Production Tips

These are ideas and techniques, some you might already know, some you might not, some you might think are plain batsh*t crazy. But you’ll just have to bear with me…

I wouldn’t want to call myself an ‘expert’ at music production or engineering, or feel I have any real authority on it compared to a lot of other people. I’m just a producer like you, trying to be the best I can be, and learning some tricks along the way. But, I’ve been in this game for quite a few years now. I want to share just some of the tricks I have learnt with you.

1. Smashing And Clipping Those Transients

A technique I use, to get powerful drum sounds destined for the club, is what I madly refer to as “smashing the transients into it”. What I like to do, is get a compressor, or transient shaper (often both) that can produce a really extreme attack transient, one that makes a hard popping or snapping sound, that no sane human being would want to put up with. Then, afterwards in the chain, I’ll put in some kind of tape or tube emulation, and ‘cut the head’ of that transient right down by driving it into the saturation point.


More Different Uptempo Beats from Diffrent Music


Diffrent Music have yet again brought to the table, well, something different. Their latest release features Russian artists Andy Pain and Z-Connection aka Segment, with a track each of differing styles. Andy Pain’s “Take It” is a stunning piece of glitch hop, a rich and diverse sampledelic tapestry of fluttering, spacey elements, wrapped in analogue warmth, over a staggering, swung hip hop beat, clattering percussion and stuttering vocal. He continues in style with free track #banana offered alongside the release, featuring bold and fractured rhythms in staggering, woozy half step, tripping over itself with a drunken sense of inertia, finished off by loose and low slung bass stabs. Also be sure to check out his killer podcast for download below

Taking a completely separate route, Z-Connection’s “Horizon” brings together a winning formula of frenetic rhythms seen in recent drum n bass with the invasion of footwork elements, accentuated by chopped, yelping vocals, Amen break flickers, and stop start end phrasing. It’s forceful, unrelenting, chest jabbing dance floor material, and has been on repeat over here at Inflect HQ since we first heard it.

Diffrent as a label are ever forward thinking, the fact that they can combine two so very different tracks together, still coherently, on one two track release, only shows their reluctance to be confined by musical boundaries, a philosophy that we revel in, and ability to pull this off well. With talk of a compilation on the way celebrating and showcasing their journey to this point, the future surely hails exciting things from the Diffrent camp. An ever growing live schedule also means more chances to catch the Diffrent sound live, with the next event featuring Kolectiv, Dexta, Mauoq and more at the release party for Kolectiv’s “Immortalis” EP on 15th November at 10 Below in Brighton, not to be missed!

Andy Pain “Take It” and Z-Connection “Horizon”

Andy Pain - #banana

Andy Pain Diffrent Music Podcast

Download #banana for free and buy Take It/Horizon at the Diffrent Bandcamp page now.


Deft announces new EP on Project Mooncircle ‘Blue Jasmine’


Deft announces an EP to drop in December on the ever forward thinking Project Mooncircle:

"Deft sets the tone early with an intro that juxtaposes the meaning of hypnosis and awakening, foreshadowing the way ambient elements are fused with heavy drums and complex rhythms on this anxiety driven EP. Energetically pulling the listener out of any hypnosis – or rather into? – the dark and massive basslines will haunt us through filthy dark underground clubs all over.

Further explorations with footwork/dnb with ambient pieces, a direction I want to take further in the future.“ – Deft”


A01 Vapid (Pt. 1)

A02 Vapid (Pt. 2)

A03 Promise Me

B04 Drawn

B05 The Night Time

B06 Blue Jasmine (Digital Bonus)

'Blue Jasmine' EP is set to be released on December 2nd, 2014 on white 12” vinyl and digital. More information here.

Listen to Deft’s still fresh live mix for Inflect back in January here.


Exclusive: Interviewing Dred Collective Label Head Plus Beach Club and Relic Footwork Minimix


We first mentioned Dred Collective when we covered the interstellar and industrial blend of hardcore, footwork, juke and jungle of Machine Girl’s “WLFGRL” and proceeding remixes, but another stand out feature from the label that we also mentioned was their Free Track Thursday series. Running every week and covering a wide range of styles including footwork, juke, techno, garage, drum ‘n’ bass, jungle, breakbeat and house, it quickly established Dred Collective as a hub for a huge number of upcoming, new producers to showcase their tracks.

In the digital age it has become increasingly easy to release music and to set up labels, but arguably that has led to it being increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the crowd and be known for doing things well. Dred Collective and its sister label Italdred have seen ever expanding support and followers in a relatively short space of time, pointing to a strong back catalogue and talent in promotion. Plus with the sheer amount and breadth of material on the Free Track Thursdays alluding to a dedicated and skilled A&R approach, focused on diversity and uniqueness, we were interested to speak to head honcho Rob Huckle to find out just how he does it.

With Free Track Thursday recently, sadly, coming to an end, with all material available to browse through and pick and choose to download here, the series was completed with a great send off release, free of course, from previous Dred signees Beach Club and Relic. The “Rave New World” EP does as it implies, taking classic, energetic rave/hardcore tracks and switching them up with staggered chops, delightfully jittery footwork jungle rhythms and heavy, rumbling subs. It’s pure, elated, prime dancefloor material. To mark the occasion, the pair have kindly recorded for us an exclusive footwork minimix of their own material, demonstrating further why they were well chosen to top off the series and are ones to watch.

For more from Beach Club and Relic, they are featured on the the recently released Footwork Compilation for #Ferguson from Nausicaa Sound, a huge 54 track compilation also featuring the skills of DJ Earl, Traxman, DJ Manny, Footmerc, Comoc, ZSonic and more, with all proceeds going to The Organization for Black Struggle. They also have a busy future release schedule, including a forthcoming EP on Good Street Records and more. In the meantime, check out these words from Rob Huckle and the Beach Club and Relic mix below.


"If you can shake the audience a bit, it’s a good thing" Fanu Discusses his Latest Take on Drum n Bass

No stranger to the weird and wonderful fringes of drum n bass, Fanu returns again with the long awaited release of tracks “Paracosm” and “Yin Dub” on his Lightless label, further pushing the genre boundary into uncharted territories. Speaking to him about the release, it’s clear Fanu revels in this spirit of experimentation, “The tunes will divide opinions, for they have elements not very common in D&B, but if you can shake the audience a bit, it’s a good thing, and I’d like to see more of that.”


Paracosm was something that had to happen; I had had the idea of doing a really industrial sounding and haunting tune for a really long time. It was one of those musical ideas which sort of write themselves as you’ve been brewing them in your mind for so long. I’d like to believe it’s something that hasn’t been done in drum and bass before, and the reception’s been great, and I’m honoured for having received bigups from respected DJs.”

It’s hard not to be wonderfully shaken by the cacophonic score that is “Paracosm”, with it’s cinematically tonal, aggressive metallic crashes, eery time stretched vocal, and disorientated whistles from the abyss. It’s a far cry from standard for the genre, but a welcome one, seeing early support from pillars of the scene including Grooverider, and having sold half the available vinyl in just two days.

The flip side “Yin Dub” is equally unique, but more psychedelic and organic in its outlook. Combining sucking, pitch bending hand drums, evocative string plucks and possessed vocal outcries, it’s both captivating and weighty, with masterful percussion, as expected from Fanu, that layers urgently frenetic over powerfully meditative and steppy. As complex and evolved as it is, this seems to be a natural flow for Fanu on discussion.

"I wrote Yin Dub in 24 hours, which has to be the fastest for me ever. It came naturally after Paracosm, for after doing it, I was still in that mind state I wanted to do a flipside tune with percussion and a similar vibe – more peaceful but intense enough."

"Paracosm" and "Yin Dub" show two fresh takes on Fanu’s approach to drum n bass, but don’t expect him to stick here.

"I’ve been asked many times if this is a "new direction" for me. It’s not. I don’t really choose any directions; I’ve been exposed to so much music, there’s different ideas brewing all the time, and I can’t be chasing one style or idea very long."

Who knows what comes next, but we’re expecting big things.

Fanu - Paracosm and Yin Dub

Paracosm and Yin Dub are available to buy now in digital formats and on vinyl, purchase links here.

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