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"If you can shake the audience a bit, it’s a good thing" Fanu Discusses his Latest Take on Drum n Bass

No stranger to the weird and wonderful fringes of drum n bass, Fanu returns again with the long awaited release of tracks “Paracosm” and “Yin Dub” on his Lightless label, further pushing the genre boundary into uncharted territories. Speaking to him about the release, it’s clear Fanu revels in this spirit of experimentation, “The tunes will divide opinions, for they have elements not very common in D&B, but if you can shake the audience a bit, it’s a good thing, and I’d like to see more of that.”


Paracosm was something that had to happen; I had had the idea of doing a really industrial sounding and haunting tune for a really long time. It was one of those musical ideas which sort of write themselves as you’ve been brewing them in your mind for so long. I’d like to believe it’s something that hasn’t been done in drum and bass before, and the reception’s been great, and I’m honoured for having received bigups from respected DJs.”

It’s hard not to be wonderfully shaken by the cacophonic score that is “Paracosm”, with it’s cinematically tonal, aggressive metallic crashes, eery time stretched vocal, and disorientated whistles from the abyss. It’s a far cry from standard for the genre, but a welcome one, seeing early support from pillars of the scene including Grooverider, and having sold half the available vinyl in just two days.

The flip side “Yin Dub” is equally unique, but more psychedelic and organic in its outlook. Combining sucking, pitch bending hand drums, evocative string plucks and possessed vocal outcries, it’s both captivating and weighty, with masterful percussion, as expected from Fanu, that layers urgently frenetic over powerfully meditative and steppy. As complex and evolved as it is, this seems to be a natural flow for Fanu on discussion.

"I wrote Yin Dub in 24 hours, which has to be the fastest for me ever. It came naturally after Paracosm, for after doing it, I was still in that mind state I wanted to do a flipside tune with percussion and a similar vibe – more peaceful but intense enough."

"Paracosm" and "Yin Dub" show two fresh takes on Fanu’s approach to drum n bass, but don’t expect him to stick here.

"I’ve been asked many times if this is a "new direction" for me. It’s not. I don’t really choose any directions; I’ve been exposed to so much music, there’s different ideas brewing all the time, and I can’t be chasing one style or idea very long."

Who knows what comes next, but we’re expecting big things.

Fanu - Paracosm and Yin Dub

Paracosm and Yin Dub are available to buy now in digital formats and on vinyl, purchase links here.


Bristol’s Wellbelove Brings Heavy Amen Workout in Dark Sun VIP for Mulder’s Cue Burn Digital

Bristol’s Wellbelove has long and broad musical roots. Starting out as a producer in the early 90’s as half of Chaos and Julia Set with Mark Pritchard, his love of electronic music extends from the early days of jungle and its influences as wide as techno, hardcore and more. Recently launching his solo Wellbelove alias inspired by the fresh glut of unique music shaped by rhythms from footwork, jungle and beyond, he has seen releases on burgeoning labels such as Good Street, Ground Mass, Dynamix Records, Modern Ruin and Cue Burn Digital. Returning to Cue Burn Digital this week, his latest release is a VIP of earlier track “Dark Sun”, besides a remix from The Renegades of Dynamix.


The original “Dark Sun” on Cue Burn was an ecstatically effervescent jungle footwork affair, blending diva vocals with glistening synth work and bubbling 808s, occasionally delving into darkness with a driving deep sub and assault of crashing Amen break hits.


Hip Hop, Autonomic, and More in Foreign Concept’s Diverse Make Meals EP

Foreign Concept aka Matt Price’s new “Make Meals” EP, released last week on his first label home, Critical Music, is a killer example of his continued versatility, variety and strength in collaboration with both producers and vocalists in his music.


Photography by Sarah Ginn.

Started with an aim to portray a wide range of his stylist output within drum n bass, both represented in his productions and DJ sets, it has succeeded in cohesively tying together everything from the subtle, emotive roller in “When You’re Alone” through to the growling, weighty beast that is “The Volks”, a digital release exclusive track aptly named after a Brighton nightclub known for dark vibes and roaring sound (We learnt our own lesson on hearing protection infront of the Gramps Hifi there back in the late 2000’s).


Angelic Devils and Devilish Angels: The Stunning Paradox of The Bug’s Latest Album

The Bug has always had an incredible talent for blending gritty urban and Caribbean influences into his own prototype formats, partnered up with equally as gritty and characteristic vocalists. Working under a number of guises, including as part of King Midas Sound, he has toyed with dub, dubstep, grime, dancehall and beyond, genres that have been the sounds of London’s underground, but with his own signature take.


His last album as The Bug, “London Zoo”, released in 2008, was a powerful illustration of this proto sound, so when his latest album “Angels and Devils” was announced 6 years on for Ninja Tune release, this summer, a lot of suspense was riding on it. The first listen of both “Save Me” featuring Gonjasufi and “Fuck a Bitch”, featuring the rap group Death Grips, warped beast of a track that it is, stoked interest even further, even without the trippy mock Soundcloud player that had us semi wondering if we were losing our minds to the warped, slurred vocals. The final piece in its entirety however, is little short of a masterpiece.


Dexta and Mauoq Talk Chill Out Tracks in the Wake of the Sinister Dispatch Limited 017


Dispatch Recordings headed by Ant TC1 needs very little introduction, having launched in 2001, with a huge backcatalogue featuring some of the best artists in drum n bass, including Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Klute, Marcus Intalex, Quantum Soul, Sabre, Xtrah and more.

Ten years on the label launched their Dispatch Limited imprint, which has recently seen its 17th release, a sinister, dense low end drum n bass work out featuring rising star Hyroglifics on the beastly opening track “Terra”, with him collaborating with the Kolectiv bunch for the sinister atmospheric second track “Tize”.

The final track on the release, “The Fear”, with deep atmospherics, brooding growls, powerful low end rumble and a fractured, stuttering rhythm, comes from a phenomenal team of producers, as Kolectiv join with a further trio in the form of female producer Kyrist, Diffrent Music co-founder Dexta and Mauro Campana aka Mauoq. It’s pretty staggering that so many artists can come together to form such a coherently sinister narrative, demonstrating a clear penchant amongst them all for the dark side of drum n bass. If you want more of the same, try checking out Kyrist’s recent guest mix for Bailey’s Ministry of Sound radio show featuring a host of her own brutal solo outings, or Mauoq’s guestmix for The Deep End Collective.

However, drawing on a variety of influences and styles, darkness is not the only facet at play with the producers here. Dispatch were keen to show us the lighter side to their artists, Dexta and Mauoq stepping up to pick out five of their favourite chill out tracks, to help ease some of “The Fear“‘s dark after effects and relieve some post bank holiday blues, starting with Dexta.

"Hai, I’m Chris, aka Dexta, I teamed up with Mauoq, Kolectiv and Kyrist not too long ago and created a bit of a monster, "The Fear" which just dropped last Monday on Dispatch Recordings Ltd, it’s kinda dark-side, and can maybe make you feel a little uneasy at times, so, ironically, in total contrast Mauoq and I have been asked to give a little lowdown on ten tracks between us that help us relax and chill out"

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